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If you’re aiming for a house where you can infinitely have a good time, Capitol Plaza will make sure that every minute of your stay would be worth it. It’s worth it given that the tiredness you feel at work would disappear. It’s worth it because all the peaceful surroundings here will give you a sense of contentment. Last but not the least, the amenities here are for you to completely enjoy and boost your mood daily. So what are the things that you should expect? Hold tight and let us give you a brief review of this paradise.

First of all, as you enter the vicinity, you will quickly notice how the whole place looks like a classic yet modernized structure full of unique pieces. You will be welcomed by the Grand Lobby and feel like a royalty as you step in. If you’re stressed, why don’t you settle in with a quick dip at our very own Swimming Pool? This will definitely make your day as you feel at peace within the waters while seeing the nicest views of the skyline of the city. If you have kids, they can also try to have fun at the Children’s Pool wherein you are assured that they would have the greatest childhood memories.

During the night, ease your worries as you enjoy our Jacuzzi with your loved one. And when the summer comes, go get a beautiful tan through the Paved Sunbathing Lounge available for you anytime. You can also invite your family and friends since the pool deck has a sitting area where you can all relax. There is also a Function Room which the residents can use during special occasions.

Moreover, who wouldn’t want to witness beautiful sunsets anytime? Well, Capitol Plaza brings you the best view you could ever wish for at the viewing deck. Here, you will have the chance to breathe some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of the place as well as the city from atop.

For those who aspire to get fit and focus on their healthy lifestyle, Capitol Plaza also offers you the Gymnasium and Aerobics Room. After working out, go ahead and have some relaxing time at the Massage Room and Sauna to fully pamper yourself on time you need it most.

As for the other helpful facilities, you would highly appreciate the 24 hour security here at Capitol Plaza for your extra safety. The security office is willing to help or assist you anytime. There is also a fire sprinkler system for all the units in case of emergencies as well as Overhead Water Tanks for the water supply and standby power generators for blackouts. It’s so convenient, right? Your daily laundry is not a problem anymore since a Laundry Room is good for you to use. All of this and more can be experienced by you once you invest with the city’s finest, Capitol Plaza. These amenities and facilities are the ultimate upgrades in your newer and better living.  

  • Swimming Pool
  • Children's Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Paved sunbathing lounge
  • Pool deck with sitting area
  • Function rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Aerobics room
  • Massage room
  • Sauna
  • Changing rooms
  • View deck
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